Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Aronoff (1989) described a GIS as any manual or computer-based set of procedures to store and manipulate geographically referenced data.

GIS ‘Geographical Information System’ is an computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that happen on Earth.
A GIS consists of:
Digital Data –– the geographical information that you will view and analyse using computer hardware and software.
Computer Hardware –– computers used for storing data, displaying graphics and processing data.
Computer Software –– computer programs that run on the computer hardware and allow you to work with digital data. A software program that forms part of the GIS is called a GIS Application.

With a GIS application you can open digital maps on your computer, create new spatial information to add to a map, create printed maps customized to your needs and perform spatial analysis.

GIS has significant importance in various professional areas such as urban planners, Geologists, foresters and others, to provide organized geographic information and allow analyze this information.




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