Open-Source Software

Free / Libre and Open Source Software

Once all the software which I speak here will be or Open-Source Software (OSS) or Free Software I believe it is important to dedicate a post to this topic. Not that I have anything against proprietary software, it is simply because I have several things against proprietary software.

The differences between Open-Source Software and Free Software are many and in a technical, philosophical and political context. Briefly open source software is a development methodology and free software is a social movement. The free software community, considers the free software as an ethical imperative, only free software respects the freedom of users. The philosophy of open source community considers issues in terms of how to make software "better" - and only in a practical sense. The main differences are in the software licenses. The free software allows you to change and adapt the code of spontaneous manner without the need to request permission from its owner.
However, these two software groups unite in various situations as Free / Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and allow us to take advantage of software often with quality superior to proprietary software. And for free.

Already begin to see changes in large systems, migration to free software in order to save millions of euros in some cases and avoid situations of legal complications. For examples the insurance company case. Has migrated operating system to Linux. And the case of a teacher in Russia that was sued by Microsoft to use windows without a license.

To be at home for optimos basiados operating systems on Linux, for there is libreoffice office, to surf the internet firefox or chrome, the GIMP for image editing, Thunderbird to manage emails. VLC to view video. All legal, good and free.


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